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Antonin Kostecky Student of the Year Award

Excellence in the Making!

Interested in Qualifying for the 2013 Student of the Year Award? For requirement information Click Here


The Cytology "Student of the Year Award" was started by Susan Maris and Janet Marcus, who formulated the rules while in office. The first winner was Sharon Wilkinson from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tony Kostecky, who served as President of the New Jersey Association of Cytology, strove with dedication and perseverance to keep our organization growing. So to honor him, after his passing in 1986, knowing that education was foremost in his mind, the cytology "Student of the Year Award" was renamed the "Antonin Kostecky Student of the Year Award".

Any Student interested in qualifying for the "Antonin Kostecky Student of the Year Award" Contact Anthony Delmar, ANTDELMAR@AOL.COM



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